You shouldn’t feel it is a compulsion to remove your body hair or do it for someone else. However, we understand the joy of buttery smooth skin, freshly moisturised for that baby-soft feel. It’s no secret that the hair on your body is a pain, especially when you want to serve a look. We all want smooth skin, but there are some products out there that make shaving and waxing feel like a drag. Instead, you can try hair removal creams to see if they’re right for you.

Hair removal creams are great because they work fast and are easy to use. You apply the cream on your skin, wait a few minutes, and it takes care of everything! But don’t expect miracles—these products aren’t magic wands that will magically remove all of your hair overnight. Instead, they work by stimulating the follicles to stop producing hair, so it’s up to you whether or not that’s something you are okay with.

Myths and Reality Regarding Hair Removal Cream

Myth: Your hair grows back thicker after using an upper lip hair removal cream.

Reality: No, it stops your body’s hair from growing by repeatedly removing it. As a result, the hair does not regrow thicker. 

Myth: You must exfoliate your skin after using a hair removal cream.

Reality: The truth is that you don’t have to. You can get brighter skin by exfoliating. However, it is best to skip exfoliation after a hair removal cream. Instead, it is best to use a regular moisturiser to make skin smooth and shiny.

Myth: It causes the skin to darken.

Reality: Hair-removing creams with alcohol indeed dry out the skin. However, many underarm hair-removal creams contain almond oil and aloe juice, which moisturise the skin and don’t usually make it darker.

Myth: Sensitive skin individuals should not use facial hair removal cream.

Reality: However, the truth is that you shouldn’t apply it directly to your skin if it is sensitive. Instead, use it on a small area of skin. This will demonstrate whether or not your skin is favourable to your hair removal cream.

Myth: You should not apply hair removal cream above the bikini line.

Reality: You can use hair removal cream to get rid of bikini line hairs. However, it would be best if you were careful not to get any on your genitalia.

How to Use Creams for Hair Removal

Do a patch test first to see if your skin reacts to the depilatory cream before you jump in and rub it all over. You don’t want red, irritated skin throughout your body. There are alternative hair removal techniques for you if the cream causes an allergic reaction. Make sure there are no cuts, scrapes, or recent shavings in the area you’re removing hair from because you don’t want to apply the cream to an open wound.

When ready, evenly spread the cream over the area you want to be hair-free. The hair removal procedure typically works for 5 to 10 minutes. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to adhere to the directions included in the product strictly. For example, if the manual asks you to leave the cream on for 6–8 minutes, then leave it on for 6–8 minutes! Don’t leave it on for longer than instructed in hopes of removing more hair; it will irritate your skin. The cream will do its work in the stipulated time mentioned in the manual.

Use the cream near the end of your shower because wet hair is softer and easier to disperse than dry hair, just like when you shave. While the cream works, you might feel a slight tingling. However, if you experience burning or irritability, remove the cream immediately and apply cold water.

After removing the cream with a cloth, tone the skin with a gentle toner and moisturise with a lotion. Rose water is an excellent toner in this case, as it is known to be soothing and reduce redness if any.

Selecting the Best Hair Removal Cream for Hair Removal

Not every hair removal cream is made equal. As with anything else, you should find a product that works best for your skin, hair, and the area you want to be hair-free.

Skin type

To be safe, it’s a good idea to speak with your doctor or dermatologist before applying any products if you have delicate skin, allergies, or a history of product reactions. And to ensure maximum moisture and minimal irritability, choose a hair removal cream specially formulated for sensitive skin.


Your choice should take into account the type of hair you have. Fair hair is the best colour for body hair removal cream. Consider looking for creams with more potent formulas if your hair is coarse. However, an alternative hair removal technique would work better if you have sensitive skin and coarse hair.

The area to be hair-free

Hair removal creams are not universal and are often made for particular body parts, like the back, legs, or face. The skin in and around your bikini line is naturally more prone to irritation. You’ll get the best results when you use an intimate hair removal cream designed especially for sensitive areas if you need hair removal down there. 

Some of the Best Hair Removal Creams for Women in the Market

  • Mamaearth Ubtan Nourishing Hair Removal Kit
  • Veet Pure Hair Removal Cream
  • Furr by Pee Safe Hair Removal Cream
  • Sanfe Bikini Line Hair Removal Cream
  • Veet Silk & Fresh Hair Removal Cream

There are numerous hair removal cream variations on the market, and many have illuminating, calming, and moisturising qualities. In addition, these creams are simple to apply and remove and don’t cause itching or redness. So stop scheduling appointments at the salon and order these hair removal creams from Health & Glow immediately!