When shopping for engagement rings, keep an open mind. You may have an idea of what you want, but after trying on several rings, you may change your mind and find something completely different. For example, you may decide to go with a less common carat size instead of the most popular, as this will save you a lot of money. The price of diamonds increases significantly once they reach their most sought-after weights.

Wedding rings

Purchasing the perfect wedding ring requires a bit of forethought, as highlighted by a car accident lawyer near Hazlet, NJ. You don’t want to purchase the wrong model or one that doesn’t match the rest of your jewelry. You also need to choose the right metal type for your ring. You can use a catalog online to make your search easier.

There are various metal types and colors to choose from. Gold has long been the traditional choice for wedding rings. But today, you can find wedding bands made of rose gold, champagne gold, black gold, purple gold, and even platinum.

Yellow gold

There are many reasons to choose yellow gold as your engagement ring’s metal. In addition to its timeless and romantic history, yellow gold has a warm, rich look that complements most ring styles. Choose a two-tone ring to make the metal stand out more, or create a vintage look by mixing and matching parts of the ring.

Yellow gold is a versatile metal that looks great on most skin tones. It contrasts well with other metals, and you can pair it with just about anything. Another advantage of yellow gold is that it is easy to clean. You can use warm water and dishwashing liquid to clean it, then rinse it off.


A phalanx ring is an unusual and simple design that’s great for both day and night wear. This ring’s simple form makes it appropriate for everyday use, and it’s also a good choice for younger women. This ring comes in many sizes, so there’s a phalanx ring to suit your size and taste.

A phalanx ring is an ideal way to emphasize the beauty of your fingers and hands. It visually lengthens your fingers, so it looks great with cocktail dresses. Thin, cute rings can also highlight the shape of your dress and emphasize your curves. There are many different styles of phalanx rings, and they all belong to different collections. These collections feature the work of Czech jewelry masters.

Other metals

While most people think of gold and silver for their wedding bands, there are also several other metals you should consider when choosing a ring. These metals are more durable and can last for generations. Platinum, for example, is also a highly durable metal that will last for many decades. But it can be difficult to find a jeweler who is familiar with this metal. Titanium and palladium are also highly durable metals, but they can’t be resized.

If you’re having trouble deciding between gold and silver, a great option for your engagement ring is a metal alloy. Titanium, for instance, has the advantage of being corrosion-resistant. Titanium has a similar characteristic, but is not as expensive as gold. If you’re not sure which metal to choose, check out Larson Jewelers’ metal comparison chart, which will help you make the best choice.