Providing your man with fashion advice can do marvels for his fashion sense and confidence. If you give him straightforward advice, he’ll have a more put-together and fashionable wardrobe in no time. Consider the following ideas to get you started:

Understand his style

It is essential to acknowledge each man’s sense of style because they are all unique. Determine whether your companion prefers an informal, formal, or hybrid approach. Discover his preferred hues and patterns, what he wears, and why. If you are aware of his unique sense of style, you can accommodate his clothing preferences more effectively.

Invest in quality clothing

Every male should have a closet full of timeless, well-fitting basics. Mens clothing may consist of a fashionable suit, several clean business shirts, a pair of comfortable jeans, and several reversible t-shirts. These vintage items will form the basis of his ensemble.

Make sure his clothing fits well

To appear attractive, it is essential to wear well-fitting apparel. Even the most well-thought-out ensemble can appear unprofessional if the clothing does not suit properly. To obtain the optimal fit, you should encourage your companion to get measured and try on various sizes and styles. Tailoring is another excellent option for achieving the ideal fit.


Choose their accessories cautiously, as they can make or break an ensemble. Permitting your companion to try on multiple items will encourage him to broaden his sense of fashion. However, it would help if reminded-mind him that less is more in this instance. The proper accessory can complete an appearance without drawing attention to itself.

Mix and match

To increase his options, instruct him to combine items from different inventories. Purchase items that can be worn with various ensembles. By mixing and matching his clothes, he can accomplish a broad range of fashionable looks with a relatively small wardrobe.


Pay close attention to your maintenance; style extends beyond clothing. Encourage your partner to value excellent personal hygiene. This includes proper care of your epidermis, facial hair, and hair. A clean appearance can elevate the appearance of any ensemble.

Checkout latest trends

Observe the latest fashion trends and demonstrate how to incorporate them into your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Remember that not every movement will appeal to his tastes. Choose clothing that complements his interests and personality, but avoid fleeting fashions.

Experiment with new colors and patterns

To encourage your boyfriend to attempt new things, wear a variety of colors and patterns that are outside of his comfort zone. Show him how to combine outfits with contrasting colors and how to combine different designs. Consequently, his appearance may become more distinctive and striking.

Take care of clothes

Maintain your clothing and teach your partner the significance of clothing maintenance. Educate him on the correct procedures for washing, ironing, and storing his clothing, as well as how to maintain them. In the long run, he can save money by appropriately caring for his clothing to remain beautiful and durable.

Build confidence

Encourage your boyfriend to wear as he pleases and to feel good about himself. With the proper attitude, any garment can appear fashionable and alluring.


Remember that each individual’s style should reflect their unique personality and tastes. You may draw inspiration from these suggestions, but you should always encourage your man to be himself.