If you want to look like a street gang, you can buy gang-themed clothing. These outfits can be very stylish, including the use of bandanas and a baseball cap. You can also have them customized. These outfits are very popular amongst street gangs.


Bandanas are one of the most common forms of street gang fashion, and they’re arguably the most recognizable way to identify gang affiliation. They come in many different colors, and can be worn with many different types of clothing. They’re also easy to remove if needed, which makes them a popular choice among gang members. In addition to being worn around the neck, gang members are known to wear them in their pockets or around their faces as a mask.


The latest fad in street gang fashion is a simple white T-shirt. Often associated with drug dealing and other criminally economic reasons, the t-shirts are almost indistinguishable from other gang members’ clothing. However, gang investigators are careful to stress that the t-shirts do not necessarily mean a person is a member of a particular gang.

Baseball caps

The recent protests against baseball caps have raised several issues. Major League Baseball (MLB) has denied it is aware of the symbolism on the gang-related caps, while New Era, the official manufacturer of MLB caps, has ceased selling them. Many anti-gang activists have called for a boycott of stores that sell these gang-related products.

Customized t-shirts

Customized t-shirts are the norm among gang members, and the style of clothing they wear is often reminiscent of their gang symbol. They may also adopt the clothing of a favorite sports team and alter it with their own meaning. These clothing items can be a source of pride and identification for gang members, and parents should be wary of allowing their children to wear them.


Many gang members are known to have street gang fashion tattoos on their skin. These designs may be in alpha or numeric fonts and feature symbols of their respective groups. Some of these designs may be symbolic, such as a dragon wrapped around a prison tower. Other symbols may represent a specific group such as the six-pointed star of David or the Aryan Brotherhood.


Some gangs wear sportswear to advertise their gang affiliation. These sports apparel items include ballcaps and sweatshirts. Many members of street gangs also wear other gang-related apparel, such as clothing with the letters BMK or Blood Killers.

As you can see, street gang fashion is not at all difficult to accomplish, even if your budget is limited. But, according to experienced motorcycle accident attorneys, it is important that you do not overdo it and that you do not start looking for gang signs. While there is no problem with wearing gang fashion elements like the ones highlighted above, it is a problem if law enforcement sees you wearing the colors or the signs of a gang in the area where you live. Make sure you do not make this mistake and you will be ok.