Let me start by defining wholesale first: wholesale sourcing is when you buy products from established brands in bulk and sell these units to retailers or consumers for profit. When you use wholesale sourcing, you purchase branded products in large quantities at the negotiated price by a manufacturer and resale them on Amazon at retail price.

More than 26% of products in Amazon are associated with Wholesale seller

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) refers to selling items from Amazon’s warehouses. The merchant sends his goods to an Amazon warehouse, where they are processed, stored, and finally shipped to buyers.

An FBA seller is basically an e-commerce company that sells in Amazon’s store and uses the FBA program to outsource inventory management to Amazon. For order fulfillment, the merchant transfers merchandise to Amazon warehouses. Until a consumer places an order, Amazon keeps the goods on hand. And the Whole sale FBA seller do the same process, except ordering in bulk.

.This is an attractive solution for wholesale Amazon sellers to get their bulk products to retailers and consumers. It allows to store and transport products through Amazon’s multiple large warehouses.

The following are the key benefits of the Amazon FBA program.

  • Allowing your products to participate in Prime Days and Cyber Days, as well as receiving a higher product rating, may help products become Prime-eligible.
  • It allows your customers to take advantage of free delivery and same-day shipping without incurring any further costs.

Save time by subscribing to FBA. You’ll find a variety of possibilities there.

Small FBA and Light FBA, FBA implementation from various –Channels, and FBA Exports will assist you in expanding your wholesale business. Ifyouwant to know more, Read more blogs about wholesale FBA sellers , it will give more understanding to you.

 How does it Works?

 Wholesale sellers send their products to Amazon FBA.

  1. Amazon FBA stores the products sent by registered sellers.
  2. Customers purchase the product from the listing of the seller on the website.
  3. Amazon FBA picks and delivers the product to the customer.

   Steps to getting started with Wholesale Amazon FBA 

 If you don’t have an amazon Seller account, first make it

  • Then go to the Amazon FBA and register yourself with a valid email address.
  • List the product that you bought in bulk from a supplier.
  • Package and send your products to suitable ware-houses of Amazon.
  • They’ll keep your items at an Amazon warehouse that’s appropriate for them.
  • When someone purchases from your site, they will Make your pick and deliver the product after labeling.
  • If the supplies are willing to ship your products to Amazon directly, go for it.

Advantages of selling wholesale using Amazon FBA

  • You can remove a significant amount of load from your shoulders with a reasonable price regarding shipping and logistics. They take care of fulfillment process from start to finish. Your only obligations will be to keep track of your listings.
  • Since FBA is part of the fulfillment process, you don’t need to handle anything regarding returns and refunds.
  • By using FA, you get the Prime badge access to Prime-free shipping for your buyers without any amount of charge for it ( Already Included in service fee)
  • It provides free storage space as well as inventory management services.
  • FBA wholesale sellers can handle their own customer support needs through this program