Are you getting married and have already chosen your trendy wedding dress ? You can now devote yourself to the second part of your mission: find the ideal shoes to celebrate your wedding as it should! That is to say, find the pair that will allow you to run right to left and dance until the end of the night. In short, to take full advantage of your beautiful day! Like other bridal accessories it is with the greatest care that you must choose them and especially not to rush this step, if not ouch, ouch, ouch, unpleasant surprises could follow one another. The search for “your precious stones” like that of your dress should arouse in you a real crush! It will also happen, more surely, if you think outside the box by opting for colored bridal shoes , more original and unexpected.

How do I choose my bridal shoes?

The 8 golden rules to choose them well and have the chance to dance the night away:

Take a look at it and buy them before the final touch-ups on your dress as they will be needed to adjust its length.

Think about comfort above all: yes your model of bridal shoes must please you, have a beautiful aesthetic and a color that enchants you. However, if you never wear heels, now is not the time to opt for 12 cm “stilts”… Otherwise, you will have the step of a toad on a hot pan… We will have warned you!

Forget the total matching look , it’s a fashion faux pas! If you have a lace dress, or you opt for a classic shoe model, or you break the codes with a pair of colorful pumps.
Dare the models that throw it: this season very pretty models have appeared, adorned with jewels, sequins, sequins , frills or other fantasies. On the shoes, you can let go as much as you will surely put them back, right?

Take your little wonders home to make them! You will save yourself a lot of unnecessary hassles on D-Day like blisters or a wobbly not very glamorous gait… Especially since, the more you try them, the better you will know if the model is right for you or not. If ever you had to change it, it wouldn’t be a last minute drama and therefore you wouldn’t have to stitch your bridesmaid’s shoes 1 minute before the ceremony begins. Phew, you got a narrow escape!

Have your custom-made bridal shoes created : at least you will be sure to have a model as unique as you are on your feet.

Plan a plan B or even a plan C: when in doubt, and especially if you have finally given in to the temptation of vertiginous heels despite our many warnings, plan a pair of flat shoes , or even a pair of sneakers … what matters is that you can also enjoy your wonderful evening

What heel height to choose for a wedding?

Accustomed? Any height is fine for you, even 12cm , as long as you keep the pace while walking, you can afford anything. Slip another pair in your bag anyway! In any case, you can never be too careful on your wedding day!

Occasional? 5 to 7 cm heels are recommended, rather square, a little thick, but why not try the thinner models if you feel it and you want it? If the shoe is properly proportioned, you should be able to walk around like a model. Otherwise, a pretty pair of wedges will do just fine !

Not followers at all? Choose a pair slightly raised 3cm , or flat bridal scandals. There are some really pretty models today! Even the great designers have started! Obviously, sneakers have made a splash in the world of wedding in recent years, so if that’s what you like, go quickly and buy a pair more stylish than usual!

What color for my bridal shoes?

This is the big question of when, in the end, all the answers are correct!

The trend : colorful bridal shoes that bring a real touch of style to your outfit: a beautiful royal blue, a flash fuchsia, an emerald green, a chick yellow… These are the pep’s colors that are popular!

Nude, powder pink, cream, gold and silver, however, remain timeless icons.
It’s up to you to decide according to your personality ! Listen only to yourself and don’t buy a pair that doesn’t suit you, because not only will everyone notice it but you could “be missing your pumps” on the day. On the contrary, the goal, is that you are well … In your sneakers or your stilettos!