Our advice for choosing the right evening dress

The evening dress lends itself to many occasions. Outing with friends, gala, wedding, romantic dinner … There is no shortage of opportunities to wear this piece. To appear elegant, refined or choosing the right evening dress is essential.

Not all cuts, colors and materials will suit all women. On the contrary, depending on your morphology, your tastes and your expectations, the choice of the evening dress you are going to wear will not be the same.

Here are our tips for finding  the perfect women’s evening dress .

Which dress for which morphology?

The shape of your body influences the type of dresses you will wear in order to be as resplendent as possible.

Mermaid evening dress, A-Line dresses, empire dresses … There are different types of dresses for each body type!

How to determine the shape of your body?

Before choosing an evening outfit, you need to know your body type.

For that, nothing could be simpler. Stand in front of your mirror, naked or in your underwear, and find the type of body type you have.

There are 5 different types of silhouettes:

● The one in “O”

● The one in “A”: it is the pyramid morphology

● That in ‘V’: it is the morphology in inverted pyramid

● The “X” shape: it is the hourglass morphology

● That in “H”: it is the morphology in “i”

How to find your body type?

Depending on the ratio of your shoulders, waist and hips, you can determine your figure.

● If your hips are the same width as your shoulders and your waist is slimmer, you have an X shape.

● If your waist is the same width as your shoulders and your hips are wider, you have an “A” shape.

Many diagrams are available on the internet to help you identify the letter that suits you in a few minutes!


Choose an evening dress adapted to your morphology

The advantage of the evening dress is that there are many models. All women can find their way there.

If you have a marked size, we recommend that you choose a sheath or body-hugging evening dress. With them, your waistline is highlighted and is perfectly noted. Otherwise, the size in X is the most harmonious there is. It’s simple, with this silhouette you can wear the evening dress you want!

If you have curves, do not hesitate to sublimate your shapes! V-neckline dresses, dresses with “butterfly” sleeves, shirt dresses with belt at the waist … You have the choice.

If you have an H-figure, choosing your dress isn’t going to be a big deal. Here you can highlight your waist, shoulders, hips

or your thighs, whatever! It’s an A-line dress, a long flowing dress or a draped effect dress that you need.

If you are more of an A- shaped body type , you should avoid thick materials, horizontal stripes (which amplify the shapes) and evening dresses with pleats or side pockets. Prefer a strapless dress. Otherwise, you can also choose an empire dress or a fitted dress. For your figure to be highlighted, you need to highlight your upper body.

If you have broad shoulders and a waist as well as narrower hips (inverted triangle morphology), you will need to focus on your lower body by adding volume. Opt for V-necks and evening outfits that lengthen your figure like the straight dress.

But an evening dress is not chosen only according to the morphology. The selection of an evening dress will also depend on the event.

Which dress for which event?

Cocktail, candlelit dinner, nightclub … There is a ready-to-wear ready-to-wear for each event!

Before putting on your dress, it is better to understand the nature of the event.