The world as we know it is changing. There was a time when getting the perfect engagement ring design was all that mattered before a proposal. The man or couple purchasing it cared not much about the diamond’s origin, source, or supply chain of how the diamond and the end product, the diamond engagement ring, made it into his/their hand.

But today, couples, lovers, and men purchasing engagement ring designs want to know the ins and outs of their buy. They are conscious about every single aspect of their jewelry purchase, and for a good reason, as they want to make a sustainable and ethical choice, which is not guaranteed when it comes to buying mined diamonds.

Over the years, the diamond mining industry has been infamous for its detrimental effects on the environment. Water and air pollution have been rampant in mining regions. Destruction of natural habitats, thus affecting a region’s flora, fauna, and wildlife has also been a cause of concern. And while we’ve only covered the environmental aspects, the picture gets gloomier when we hear of the human rights abuse and terrible work conditions that workers must endure while being paid a meager amount for their work. Additionally, mined diamonds have no guarantee of being conflict-free even though the industry has put a system in place.

The Perfect Alternative: Lab grown Diamonds

When looking for an engagement ring design, more and more couples are opting for lab grown diamond rings that come with the promise of being eco-friendly and sustainable.

Lab diamonds, created in high-end state-of-the-art laboratories, are a suitable alternative to mined stones that sparkle and shine just like and sometimes even better than mined stones. The procedures in the laboratories emulate diamond creation procedures that occur within the earth. The procedures lead to a sustainable diamond with the same chemical and structural composition as a mined stone.

Designing Your Own Engagement Ring

Today, unlike the yesteryears, you also get the opportunity to create and design your very own engagement ring. You can do it all by simply following a series of steps as directed by an online jeweler.

Friendly Diamonds, an eco-friendly, online lab diamond jewelry brand based in New York, lets you create your own engagement ring from scratch. You start creating your engagement ring design by choosing from a range of engagement ring settings before choosing a lab diamond shape and metal of choice. You then complete your engagement ring design and have it delivered to your doorstep all ready for your big proposal.

There is probably no better way to say you love her or to have you and your man seal your love with anything else other than a lab grown diamond ring, as it is a sustainable choice that celebrates the love the both of you share while also letting mother earth know you care. So when you decide to make the big move from relationship to marriage, get your loved one a lab diamond ring perfect for your beautiful engagement moment!